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I always hear my friends say, I'm into Balik Alindog program. I bet you've heard it too, from at least one of your friends, right? They are those hopeful souls trying to bring back the glorious days of being sexy.  While i was listening to  my friend blabber about her balik alindog program, I thought, why can't i hear anybody say, I want to be in a Balik Init Ng Gabi program. Yes, you heard it right, BALIK INIT NG GABI program or shall we call it  the BING program , a program designed to bring back the glorious days of your sex life.  You need the BING program too, right? Admit it, remember ( if you can still remember) those sleepless, scorching hot night during your honeymoon or in the early stage of your relationship. YOU WANT IT BACK.  Those were the XXX rated days. Which unfortunately,  turned  to X-rated after maybe a year and being more occupied with work, then it sadly turned to PG after your wife got pregnant and you have a baby, now it's probably rated GP, with the stressful job, the mounting bill, the children  and a lot of other reasons.

Don't freak out, it's normal, it happens,  sexual relationship has it's own ebb and flow. But we can always turn those GP  moments to XXX again. The good thing is it's easy. You just have to DECIDE IT. Yes, you just have to WANT IT. But just like everything else in life, it has to start with YOURSELF. 

Now, i hear you. You want the BING program too? So how do we start?

Let's  do it the OPRA - Tony Robbins way.  So what is OPRA. ( Outcome, Purpose, Reason, Action)
 Let us first identify  the Outcome  we want, then the Purpose and the Reason, finally the Action plan. 

Of course, the OUTCOME, we want is to  bring back the "INIT NG GABI."

Our purpose and reason maybe one of the ff:
1. to have a better sexual relationship with your significant other.
2. to be happier.
3. to feel closer again with your spouse.
4. to feel being wanted again. 
5. to feel being touch by your significant other again.
6. to be connected with your significant other again.
7. list of your own purpose and reason

Finally, our ACTION PLAN.

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First. LOVE yourself!!! TAKE CARE of yourself. Nobody will love you if you don't even appreciate yourself. 

1. Be healthy. Eat healthy. 

2. Exercise. 
   Sexual benefit of exercise:
    1. It helps with your stamina
    2. Helps intensify your orgasm.
    3. Improves your arousal
    4. It increases testosterone by adding muscle mass, taking your libido to new height.
    5.It's fun and it makes you happier.

Khuracha's tip: Try sensual workouts, enroll in  dance classes like belly dance or burlesque classes. It will help you burn calories while awakening the temptress within you. 

For the more adventurous, you can enroll the pole dance class, strip tease or heels and tease. You can check the Beast House in Pasig , Pole Dolls Dance Studio or at Polecats Manila.

Khuracha's tip: There is a free zumba workout in Araneta Center, Every 7PM, T-TH in Alimall, Monday and Wed in Gateway and Friday in Farmer's Cubao.

Don't have budget to enroll in a dance class or time to go to Araneta Center. We've got you covered here is Carmen Electra's Aerobics Streaptease in Youtube. Enjoy. 

3. Always be mindful of your  hygiene. Always keep your huha smelling good and clean. 

Khuracha's tip: Always take a shower before your husband arrive home. If you are a career woman, always take a hot shower before you go to bed, Don't forget to spritz cologne.) 

4.  BE WHAT YOU WANT YOUR PARTNER TO BE. Do you want your partner to be sweet & playful? Be sweet &  playful to him first. Do you want your partner to be thoughtful and carinosa? Be thoughtful and carinosa to your partner then. Always remember, "give what you want to receive." 

5. Now, make your move. Here is the 100 Best Sex Tips of All Time.

Khuracha's tips: Always, always use a lubricant. If you don't have a lubricant at hand, you can use VCO, virgin coconut oil.  It's has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, saves you from UTI.  

Khuracha's challenge: Have a wonderful time and make love with your significant other, everyday for 21 days or  at least a week. No pressure, just pure fun. And see the  difference in your relationship. Goodluck!!! 

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21 Women Reveal What It Was Like to Have Sex With a Large or Small Penis


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Most men are conscious of their penis size. But as they say, it’s how you perform in bed, right? Check this Reddit thread out for more.

1. Ah, so she can take the big ones

I’m into fisting, so even the largest penises are no problem. Actually, neither are small penises, I just get the guy to fist me.

2. To her, bigger isn’t better

I lost my virginity to a man with a huge penis. But I didn’t know it at the time. Watching porn made me uncomfortable so I always just read erotica. So he was very proud of his huge cock, and I don’t think he could figure out why I wasn’t amazed by it. For my part, I couldn’t figure out why sex was so damn painful. I could barely open my jaw far enough to the get the thing in my mouth. We could only have sex in missionary position because everything else hurt so badly. I was not particularly impressed with intercourse (or giving oral, for that matter).

The rest of my relationships have been with men with normal size penises. I found out, holy shit, having sex with them is fucking easy. I don’t have to use a cup of lube to have intercourse or use an ice pack on my face after giving a blow job. I don’t get what the big deal is for big dicks. Give me a normal dick any day.

3. Be confident in bed

I posted a while back about dating a guy with a micropenis. For a while he avoided sex, which made me believe he wasn’t sexually attracted to me. Really, he was just embarrassed by how small it was.

The actual sex was terrible, but I think a large part of it centered on his lack of confidence. He kept apologizing, then going soft, then slipping out, and it was just stressful sex. I think we still could have had fun if he had not gone into it thinking it was going to be a failure.

4. Be comfortable with your penis

I’ve never dealt with a micropenis, but I did deal with one that was not much longer or girthier than my pinky. My experience with the dude’s personality was much worse than with the dick – I think he was really self conscious about it, so when we were fooling around he would say things about how big his cock was and ask me to beg for his big dick… it was kind of awkward because I think we both knew it was smaller than average, but he needed to hear that it was big to feel good about himself. He was also really sweet and attentive outside of the bedroom, so it turned into this weird Dr. Jekyl/Mr Hyde situation.

The actual sex was disappointing, but again I think it was partly due to his insecurities

5. Too big, no blow

I don’t know how all these women are talking about preferring big ones for blowjobs! I had been hooking up with a guy for a week or so before it went THAT far…I was willing and a bit eager to give him head, until he pulled the damn kraken out of his pants. only time I’ve ever stopped, looked someone dead in the eye, and asked, “what in the HELL do you expect me to do with that?!” his girth was so huge that I literally couldn’t fit him in my mouth. sex was painful and awkward. we didn’t see each other after that, and if my vagina ever becomes animate I assure you it (she?) will thank me for not continuing with him.

6. “The old run and cum”

I’m from England. Muscular man’s man American guy comes to my university (except he’s really short) and takes a liking to me. He and a friend were over mine one night and the friend left. The American guy and I ended up on the bed kissing for a while with him on top. I started trying to reach for his cock but couldn’t find it. It was actually giving me a mini panic attack. I told him to get off and lay down so I could be on top (in my head I figured it would be easier then). Still couldn’t find it.

When I did find it it was 2 inches or less, erect. As I hold this little penis he shouts at me “SUCK IT” like he has the biggest dick in the world. I honestly didn’t want to make him feel bad about himself, so tried to continue like nothing was abnormal. I go down there and he lets out a large and disgusting fart and says “Mmm, do you like that?”

I screamed and told him to get out, to which he and I started arguing. He called me a few things. “Cocktease” being one that I distinctly remember. He then ran into my ensuite bathroom and locked the door so I couldn’t get in. In the mean time I called my friend who was also living in the flat. He was in there for a while then ran out. When my friend and I checked the bathroom there was semen everywhere.

Big penis? I like a longer dick, but not TOO wide, because that can be really painful (I’ve been told I have a smaller vagina any way). I literally have to be able to sink the Titanic in my pants before I can take a dick.

7. Make it enjoyable

I’ve been with a guy that has a large or well above average penis and a guy who’s penis was below average. The big one was fun for blow jobs but sex hurt until I got wet enough or I guess, stretched enough. The small one was easier to take all of into my mouth and I didn’t notice anything off during sex. It went in easily and he knew a lot of stuff to do with it. I really think size doesn’t matter. It was all enjoyable.

8. Pleasure over size

I’ve had moderately small to moderately/very large: I generally prefer larger, but a lot of guys with big dicks think that all they need to be good at sex is a big dick. I’d rather take a guy with an average dick who cares about my pleasure anyday.

9. A bruised cervix sounds terrible

One of my exes was around 8.5-9″ and a big girth. I’m 5′. It was pretty uncomfortable since it took a while to actually fit it in (even with copious amounts of lube) and I was even bearing tears on a few occasions along with a bruised cervix. It wasn’t that pleasant, yet then again if we slowed it down or something then maybe it wouldn’t have been that bad. It was fun giving him head, though!

10. Looks like it’s confidence

I’ve had both, honestly neither were that life altering in either a good or bad way.

For very large (mostly in width), we seemed to have the ideal situation of him being too large and me being too tight so while when it was good – it was very good, it didn’t last long without slipping out and after trying many different positions to see what works best, we ended up giving up the sex was just too much work.

For very small, it was actually better than the very large because what he lacked in size, he made up for in speed. He did a lot with what was given to him and didn’t seem embarrassed at all.

So for tips – if you’re very large, lots of foreplay, make sure she’s super wet and she spreads those legs. For very small, make sure you’re extra rough to make up for your size in speed. It goes a long way.

11. Hair on the shaft…?

The worst thing about a short dick is the hair on the shaft and the fact that most guys are super insecure so they tend to prematurely come.

The worst thing about a big dick is that the guy often thinks that’s all he needs to bring to the relationship.

12. Be good at something else, too

I dated a guy with a legitimate micro-peen. He was very upfront about it the first time we made it to the “making out” stage. I wasn’t quite to the point where I thought we might be long term, so I have to admit that I may have proceeded more out of curiosity than actual sexual feelings.

During that first bout (there were several, and you’ll understand why in a minute) he was obviously very weary of letting me get near “the area.” He would caress my hand and guide it away any time it got close to the zipper zone. He was so suave about it that it was easily ignored, though. It helped that he was a level 10 kisser and so in-tune with reading my cues.

As things progressed, I found myself fully undressed while he had everything intact (I’m telling you, he was a smooth motherfucker.) I don’t even remember how, but he guided me to the carpet and proceeded to perform acts of god on my lady region. I believe years of not being able to have conventional sex have given him oral superpowers. I had orgasms too numerous to count and I’m convinced I partially blacked out at one point (before this night, I would have seriously called bullshit on that actually being a thing, but goddamn if it isn’t real.) Long story short, I never did get to see the goods that first night. I remember feeling a little embarrassed the next morning for the amount of thanks and praise I gave him immediately following the last, exhausting orgasm (I’m talking a good 20 minutes worth of “OMFG, you are the most amazing man on Earth” type thing.)

We did attempt a penetration on one drunken night, but it just wouldn’t happen. The size was a serious issue, but the bigger problem (no pun intended) was that he just didn’t get conventionally hard.

It was maybe…less soft? But definitely not hard. So, it just didn’t happen.

Anyway, my experience with an extremely small penis was pretty positive because the guy took amazing steps to compensate. He’s a pretty good guy to boot, so I hope he someday finds a woman who appreciates the hell out of his skills.

13. Romance the hell out of ‘em

I’m bi, but until I was seventeen or eighteen I thought that I was only interested in girls. When I was 19, I started dating a boy and we slept together five times before my hymen broke. I had just assumed it had busted at some point during all the finger banging, heh. Or that I was one of those women who didn’t have one. His dick was about three inches long and kind of skinny. But I didn’t know any better, I was used to fingers anyway.

Dated another guy much later with a dick thicker around than my wrist, probably 8 inches long. There was no such thing as quickies. He had to romance me if he wanted to put that thing inside me.

14. Sex is more than just size

I had a partner who was basically a mushroom head connected to a pile of pubes when soft (I think he was 2 inches hard) as a result of a twisted testicle he was born with and had to get surgery for. He was also unable to orgasm from another person manipulating his penis or fucking, as much as he did enjoy that because of the surgery he had to have when he was a kid. He was skilled/determined orally, good with his fingers and though he had no problem making me orgasm, many sexual positions were a total no-go because of his size which was at times disappointing. Overall though he was fine in bed because he cared about pleasuring and found other ways to do that.

My first penis in vagina sexual experience was with what I consider a large penis (9 inches at least and fat) and I remember it being difficult to work with at times. By size alone it wasn’t a huge satisfier and he was so inexperienced there were no orgasms happening for me at all, so even though in theory sex should have been better, it wasn’t.

A big dick does not mean a great partner. So much of sex is about touch, anticipation, generosity, comfort levels, tenderness and filth… things that have nothing to do with penis size and everything to do with the energy between two people.

Also anyone who laughs at a guy for his dick is pretty shitty… It’s obviously something that a person has no control over and if you care that little about their feelings you should perhaps not fuck them. Just saying.

15. More to sex than size

Having been across the penis spectrum, I just want to say that penises are awesome. All shapes and sizes are amazing. The best thing you can do with them, is to make sure they are attached to a great person. There is so much more to sex than size.

16. She likes ‘em big

Had both.

Small is great for anal. Also, if they are not too self-conscious about it, regular sex can be great. It has been my experience that men with smaller penises make up for it with knowing what to do with it, and knowing what to do with their hands and mouths too.

Big penises are just as great. If they guy doesn’t just rely on size, and is gentle in the beginning, the sex is awesome.

I personally prefer bigger penises. I really enjoy my vagina feeling “full” during sex and I even enjoy a little bit of pain once I’m turned on enough. I like the soreness I feel for a while after.

It reminds me of the sex and I just get turned on all over again.

17. Porn is not the way

Lost my virginity to a guy with a smaller than average penis in girth. It was about 5 inches long but really thin, not exactly sure how thin around, maybe 12 centimetres? (just used my dress measuring tape to estiamate) Anyway, he was really over-zealous for me. it was our first time, but he was nearly a porn addict so he wanted to try all this weird shit, like wiggling 3 fingers inside me like an octopuss, lifting my legs up, lifting me up in the air, it was awful. I was so self concious and it only got worse. I felt it, but it didn’t feel good, it felt like it was going in but produced no pleasure for me whatsoever. Then to make it even more awkward, he kept asking me if he was hurting me, like in a dirty talk sort of way, if it was ‘stretching you out’ etc etc. Just so fucking awkward. He was my boyfriend for a couple years and I wasn’t that into sex until I had someone else.

I then had a boyfriend with a very large penis, really fun to play with and it made me feel like a porn star when i was giving him head but it could be painful at times for both of us. Took us a long time to find condoms that would fit him properly, and he could never enter me completely. We had a healthy sex life but it always took a couple days of recovery for me, which sucked. Luckily I married someone who is the right size for me. You find the dick size that’s just right, you lock it down, like a horny goldilocks.

18. What a great love story

My very large penis stories aren’t that interesting. It’s the usual song and dance of “it was uncomfortable, had to start slow, too much bottoming out.”

So I guess I’ll tell my small penis story.

I REALLY liked the guy. We’d been on a few very successful dates and I had butterflies when I thought about him. He had unusually colored eyes and intense eyebrows, he was a foreigner. We’d gone into his bedroom and we both knew where this was leading. He took his pants off and there it was, the smallest penis I’ve ever seen in real life. I didn’t get to measure it or anything but if I’m being generous I would guess it was pretty close to 3 1/2 inches, fully erect. I definitely had a moment of pause, I wasn’t expecting this… But he didn’t hesitate or apologize or wince about it and that’s what spurred me on, his own confidence.

The sex was awkward. My previous two partners had both had about 8 inches and I had grown used to a different style of fucking. I was trying to bounce around and thrust as I had done with the oversized wangs of my past, but that wasn’t working with only a few inches to stay atop of.

But I learned. The sex got better. I discovered that the rocking, grinding motion I had to adapt to to stay penetrated by this smaller penis led to amazing friction on my clit. No, I couldn’t do aerobic pornstar sex moves anymore but this newfound closeness, sliding our bodies together, grasping and pressing close, was amazing. I had my first orgasms during intercourse with this man and his small penis.

And he never apologized or flinched. Neither of us ever referred to as a “small” penis, or otherwise.. And we both shared many, many orgasms pressed tightly together and I stayed with him for over four years. When it ended, it had nothing to do with his penis. Sadly, we fell out of love. But for awhile I thought that very small penis was going to be the last one I was ever with.

19. Unicorn penis

I ‘ve had adventures with both. One gentleman was extremely handsome and my friend’s brother so we were set up and told to try and make this work. But when we went to have sex and he was quite small and he cried during sex and told me shameful story about his friends pantsing him at a party and everyone laughing. I tried to be comforting and he finished crying then we did more shots and went through another round of hot sad guy/small junk sex. Never spoke again.

At far as large dicks go, there are two kinds. The large ugly awkward penises that look unappealing from every angle. It almost feels worse because it’s so ugly. The second option is like the unicorn of dicks. It’s beautiful and not all mangled looking and the owner understands its size and worth and uses it appropriately. They’re not trying to jam it in your butt or force it down your throat. Unicorn-penis is gentle and accommodating

20. Her heart shattered, and so did his confidence

I was going at it pretty hot and heavy with a guy I really liked. I didn’t want to rush this so as he was fingering me I told him I didn’t want to go past that point. This is when, as he’s still seemingly fingering me, he props himself up on both arms and asks me what I mean. It was at that moment my heart shattered. This perfect guy was carrying nothing bigger than a baby dill in his pants.

21. No pencil or micro peen for this one

I’ve experienced both, smallest being around 4 inches, give or take, and quite thin. The two of the largest were about 6.5-7 inches and very girthy, the other being about 8-9 but an average circumference.

The 4 inch one absolutely almost never got me off. I think in the year and a half I was with the guy, I came around 5 times from vaginal intercourse, the anal was good though and I got off a lot through that.

The guy with the girthy penis was the first and only guy to make me finish the first time sleeping with them (well it was the second, but it was about 30 minutes after our first round because he came quickly and wasn’t satisfied that I hadn’t finished in the first place.) That was only a fling and we slept together a few more times after that but definitely not a keeper despite the amazing sex.

The guy with the longer, average girth hurt a lot. I’m a pretty tall girl, 5’10, but that’s a lot of dog for my bun. He also really enjoyed fucking hard and fast so my cervix felt like scrambled eggs every time. So I cut it off with him after a few weeks.

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Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse

31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse from the Last 600 Years

Lexicographer Jonathon Green’s comprehensive historical dictionary of slang, Green’s Dictionary of Slang, covers hundreds of years of jargon, cant, and naughty talk. He has created a series of online timelines (here and here) where the words too impolite, indecent, or risqué for the usual history books are arranged in the order they came into fashion. (If you don’t see any words on the timelines, zoom out using the bar on the right.) We’ve already had fun with the classiest terms for naughty bits. Here are the most adorable terms for sexual intercourse from the last 600 or so years. Many of them have origins so obscure they hardly make sense at all, but that doesn’t detract from their bawdy adorability in the slightest. When it comes to the ol’ houghmagandy, a little mystery goes a long way.
1. Give someone a green gown (1351)
2. Play nug-a-nug (1505)
3. Play the pyrdewy (1512)
4. Play at couch quail (1521)
5. Ride below the crupper (1578)
6. Board a land carrack (1604)
7. Fadoodling (1611)
8. Put the devil into hell (1616)
9. Night physic (1621)
10. Princum-prancum (1630)
11. Culbatizing exercise (1653)
12. Join paunches (1656)
13. Dance the Paphian jig (1656)
14. Play at tray trip of a die (1660)
15. Dance Barnaby (1664)
16. Shot twixt wind and water (1665)
17. Play at rantum-scantum (1667)
18. Blow off the groundsills (1674)
19. Play hey gammer cook (1674)
20. Join giblets (1680)
21. Play at rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch (1684)
22. Lerricompoop (1694)
23. Ride a dragon upon St. George (1698)
24. Houghmagandy (1700)
25. Pogue the hone (1719)
26. Make feet for children’s stockings (1785)
27. Dance the kipples (1796)
28. Have one’s corn ground (1800)
29. Horizontal refreshment (1863)
30. Arrive at the end of the sentimental journey (1896)
31. Get one’s ashes hauled (1910)
I'm wishing you guys have arrive at the end of the sentimental journey tonight! :-)

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First things first!!

And I'm back!!! :-)

First things first.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The ugly truth...not!

Christmas season in here! For free spirited people like us, you are probably thinking of something exciting, fun, kinky, naughty and unforgettable gift you can give to your best friend or lover, right?

Here's the deal!  Ladies and gentlemen! The Vibepanty!

If you happen to watch the movie " The ugly truth" it's with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler , you will probably remember very well how Katherine Heigl,  was very much satisfied with this. Hehehe.  It's time you try this by yourself and experience the fun or share the Fun. :-)

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In pursuit of the G Spot!! Part 1

I've heard about G spot even before i knew about sex. Any curious girl would know about it maybe even before her menstruation.There might be a hundred of ideas written about it, people have been arguing about it, what and where the G spot is or if it really exist. The good thing is it really exists. And in any case whatever the bruhaha is, we just need to explore it ourselves.

The gynecologist Ernst Grafenberf " discovered" it in 1944, the spot is known as a source of pleasure for women. Some women claim its a great way to achieve orgasm during sex and a source of overwhelming pleasure. I think anything that would give us pleasure is worth exploring...Don't you think?

" The G-Spot is located along the upper/front wall of the vagina, about two inches in, towards the stomach. Its been claimed that the g spot is the root of the clitoris. Try some manual exploration. Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and rest your feet on the bed in front of you. Insert your middle finger into your vagina and gently stroke the front wall behind the pubic bone, about two inches up. You should feel a patch of skin that has a different texture from the rest of your vaginal walls, slightly rough that's your G-Spot, also known as your urethral sponge. Start masturbating, that spot grows as you're aroused, try different strokes and pressure if you suddenly felt like you need to pee, you've probably hit the G spot, don't fight it, you may be getting ready to ejaculate, continue the stimulation and it will be replaced by a pleasurable sensation. "

Fluorescent G spot stimulator
Everyone is unique, if that doesn't work for you, have fun and make your own exploration. For starter, you can even use a toy like above, designed specifically for G spot stimulation. Use the lubricant you like and enjoy.


Happy orgasm everyone,


The Rabbit vs The bullet


Doc Johnson Pearl Rabbit VS Bullet Vibrator

What will you choose, small and powerful or big and super powerful..Who am i kidding, its like comparing Philippines with the US or some other industrialized countries..but of course, bullet like the Philippines has its own charm. You see, the bullet can be compared to a lady's first love, until she meet her one true love, the pearl rabbit. Of course, the bullet is advisable for first time sex toy users.It can be everybody's first love for that matter.It's handy, affordable and it will give you one hell of a first time experience.

Anybody whose been into sex toys will tell you that the Doc Johnson pearl rabbit will be the runaway winner,given the choice; you just google, Oprah rabbit vibrator, there you'll see even Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Talk Show in the US, one of the wealthiest & most powerful female person in the world; hailed this rabbit as the Royce Rolls of the vibrators.Even Eva Longaria from the Desperate Housewives,one of the hottest celebrities in the US today, said in an interview that she gives rabbit as gift to her female friends.And I think she's right,when she said that, the best gift you can give your friend is an orgasm..Nothing can beat that.I wish my few close female friends can be as thoughful as she is.Just kidding, but jokes are half meant, right?

It's late night, i have to decide fast, rabbit or bullet...

Happy Orgasm Everyone,


Monday, October 18, 2010





Give-as-you-get oral pleasure! It can almost be just too much to take ... if so, be careful not to bite down TOO hard! :P


Inverted 69, the inverted cousin of the traditional 69 position, is a great way to change the angles on the original. The top partner needs to make sure to position their genitals at the right height, as the bottom partner's mobility tends to be a little restricted.


This is a great way to transition into Ben Dover – the standing partner won't even have to move a muscle!
Starting upright in a semi-squat position, the standing partner bends at the waist, and touches down to the ground with their hands, carefully bending the head back between their legs to orally receive their lover's penis. Don't forget to bend your knees; this will alleviate strain at the joints. The receiving partner is seated on the ground with their legs fully extended in front of them.
If flexibility is an issue, or the pose proves to be too intense for the standing partner, they can position themselves in a similar manner toDoggy Style - Standing, utilizing a chair for support. If this is the case, Face Off loses the 69 aspect, so the standing partner may want to pay the giver back with some personal attention in return.



There isn't anything quite like this exhilarating version of 69; its degree of difficulty is very close to 10! The bent over partner reaches far back to orally pleasure while the laying back partner helps brace by holding on to the others hips or thighs. Those best suited for this move are fit, flexible and adventuresome!
On their own, or assisted by the other partner, get into Bridge pose, then reach back one arm and then the other to place the hands in the ready position. Once the laying partner slides underneath, the other can kneel and bend their head back to receive his member. Guys, hold your penis out for comfortable swallowing, and when you're ready for the next move, for heaven's sake, help them out of this one carefully!



More strength is required than for the Sitting 69, but it is considerably easier than Standing 69. The lifting partner will require considerable upper body strength. The position is lower to the floor than Standing 69and is therefore safer and requires less overall strength on the part of the lifter.
To get into this position the lifting partner needs a fair amount of strength and a little bit of patience... The lifter should kneel down and help their partner manoeuvre into position (perhaps off the edge of a couch or bed), with the lifted partner placing their head between the lifter's legs while wrapping their own legs loosely around the lifter's neck and shoulders, and the arms tightly around the lifter's back.
The lifting partner wraps their own arms tightly around the back of their partner (keeping their own back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to their partner's head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.



Sideways 69 puts a twist on the traditional 69 position, by having both partners lay sideways. A nice variation for when neither party feels like having the other laying on top of them, many people find that it is a lot easier on their necks... and if you keep rolling, you'll find yourselves on the opposite side of things; in the Inverted 69 position.


The Sitting 69 position requires the lifting partner to have considerable upper body strength.
To get into this position the lifting partner needs a fair amount of strength and a little bit of patience... The lifter should start by sitting down in a fairly high chair and help their partner manoeuvre into position, with the lifted partner placing their head between the lifter's legs while wrapping their own legs loosely around the lifter's neck and shoulders, and the arms tightly around the lifter's back.
The lifting partner wraps their own arms tightly around the back of their partner (keeping their own back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to their partner's head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.



Don't even think about trying the Standing 69 position unless the lifting partner can squat the same weight as that of the other partner.
To get into this position the lifting partner needs a lot of strength and a little bit of patience... The lifter should start from the Sitting 69 position, sitting down in a fairly high chair and help their partner manoeuvre into position, with the lifted partner placing their head between the lifter's legs while wrapping their own legs loosely around the lifter's neck and shoulders, and the arms tightly around the lifter's back.
The lifting partner wraps their own arms tightly around the back of their partner and stands up carefully (keeping their own back as straight as possible), while paying very close attention to their partner's head and neck so as not to knock or strain them.

69 - YMCA

Yogis, gymnasts, or those looking for a rush will delight in the challenges of this invigorating position. Based on a classic yoga move called the Headstand, or Shirshasana, this pose has as many health benefits as it does pleasurable ones; as you invert the body, you breathe deeper, improve circulation, and relieve stress on the lower back.
The inverting partner will kneel and place the top of their head on a small floor cushion between the seated partner’s thighs. Next, straighten the knees, raise the hips, and keep the abs flexed. The seated partner can now assist the other in entering the final pose and arrange themselves accordingly.
When first entering this position, mild breathing difficulties may be experienced as the blood from the body rushes to the head; this should quickly pass, but if you're feeling uncomfortable, come out of the position and rest in a prone position to normalize circulation before standing up again.