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I always hear my friends say, I'm into Balik Alindog program. I bet you've heard it too, from at least one of your friends, right? They are those hopeful souls trying to bring back the glorious days of being sexy.  While i was listening to  my friend blabber about her balik alindog program, I thought, why can't i hear anybody say, I want to be in a Balik Init Ng Gabi program. Yes, you heard it right, BALIK INIT NG GABI program or shall we call it  the BING program , a program designed to bring back the glorious days of your sex life.  You need the BING program too, right? Admit it, remember ( if you can still remember) those sleepless, scorching hot night during your honeymoon or in the early stage of your relationship. YOU WANT IT BACK.  Those were the XXX rated days. Which unfortunately,  turned  to X-rated after maybe a year and being more occupied with work, then it sadly turned to PG after your wife got pregnant and you have a baby, now it's probably rated GP, with the stressful job, the mounting bill, the children  and a lot of other reasons.

Don't freak out, it's normal, it happens,  sexual relationship has it's own ebb and flow. But we can always turn those GP  moments to XXX again. The good thing is it's easy. You just have to DECIDE IT. Yes, you just have to WANT IT. But just like everything else in life, it has to start with YOURSELF. 

Now, i hear you. You want the BING program too? So how do we start?

Let's  do it the OPRA - Tony Robbins way.  So what is OPRA. ( Outcome, Purpose, Reason, Action)
 Let us first identify  the Outcome  we want, then the Purpose and the Reason, finally the Action plan. 

Of course, the OUTCOME, we want is to  bring back the "INIT NG GABI."

Our purpose and reason maybe one of the ff:
1. to have a better sexual relationship with your significant other.
2. to be happier.
3. to feel closer again with your spouse.
4. to feel being wanted again. 
5. to feel being touch by your significant other again.
6. to be connected with your significant other again.
7. list of your own purpose and reason

Finally, our ACTION PLAN.

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First. LOVE yourself!!! TAKE CARE of yourself. Nobody will love you if you don't even appreciate yourself. 

1. Be healthy. Eat healthy. 

2. Exercise. 
   Sexual benefit of exercise:
    1. It helps with your stamina
    2. Helps intensify your orgasm.
    3. Improves your arousal
    4. It increases testosterone by adding muscle mass, taking your libido to new height.
    5.It's fun and it makes you happier.

Khuracha's tip: Try sensual workouts, enroll in  dance classes like belly dance or burlesque classes. It will help you burn calories while awakening the temptress within you. 

For the more adventurous, you can enroll the pole dance class, strip tease or heels and tease. You can check the Beast House in Pasig , Pole Dolls Dance Studio or at Polecats Manila.

Khuracha's tip: There is a free zumba workout in Araneta Center, Every 7PM, T-TH in Alimall, Monday and Wed in Gateway and Friday in Farmer's Cubao.

Don't have budget to enroll in a dance class or time to go to Araneta Center. We've got you covered here is Carmen Electra's Aerobics Streaptease in Youtube. Enjoy. 

3. Always be mindful of your  hygiene. Always keep your huha smelling good and clean. 

Khuracha's tip: Always take a shower before your husband arrive home. If you are a career woman, always take a hot shower before you go to bed, Don't forget to spritz cologne.) 

4.  BE WHAT YOU WANT YOUR PARTNER TO BE. Do you want your partner to be sweet & playful? Be sweet &  playful to him first. Do you want your partner to be thoughtful and carinosa? Be thoughtful and carinosa to your partner then. Always remember, "give what you want to receive." 

5. Now, make your move. Here is the 100 Best Sex Tips of All Time.

Khuracha's tips: Always, always use a lubricant. If you don't have a lubricant at hand, you can use VCO, virgin coconut oil.  It's has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, saves you from UTI.  

Khuracha's challenge: Have a wonderful time and make love with your significant other, everyday for 21 days or  at least a week. No pressure, just pure fun. And see the  difference in your relationship. Goodluck!!! 

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