Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting back the groove...

The Beckham's

When i saw this picture, all i could say was wow! Every couple would wish to be as hot as this one.Well, not every couple, at least that would be with the couple i know with names starting with C & I.hehehe. They look like they have a perfect life, far from mortals like us. But i guess, anybody can have a wonderful life, we just have to want it.

After giving birth in two consecutive years by ceasarian operation, anybody's life would be far from normal. Being a new parent can affect your whole life and would seriously dampen you sex life. Gush! the postnatal depression will surely hit you after your pekpek shorts ( that's what my cousin and I call the short shorts.) doesn't fit you anymore or your tank top wouldn't fit your the top either..But to all new mothers out there, the best thing is that never to lose that punk, feel sexy, sure you can never wear,you're pre pregnancy pekpek shorts but that doesnt mean you can't wear shorts anymore. You may lost any appetite for sex after sleepless night of taking care of your new baby. But you have to take time for self, prioritize yourself, most especially prioritize time for you and your husband, prioritize sex.If you need to schedule it, by all means do it. Just gear up beforehand.Start dropping hints in the morning, may start texting him or send him a dirty email, you can call him in the office before he leaves.Just to build some excitement for the evenings event. You can always use toys and props, clitoral vibes offers speedy satisfaction to get you ready for the main event. Don't forget the lubricant, that will be like your best friend in times of need. Finally, to all the women out there who just gave birth whatever your mother or your grandmother tells you. Please take a bath everyday.It will help you improve your mood.You may not be as sexy as before but please try to smell good as always.Oh, one more thing, no matter what happens, always wear a sexy underwear.

Happy Orgasm Everyone,


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Gee.. i don't know where to start this..back then its a taboo by even saying it...but now's a different time. sooner or later we have to talk about this..i choose now..hey, america's got a black president now..parang walang connect, keber ko, weno!!! ...gusto ko lang sabihin para this may sound intelligent.hehehe anyway, I'm sure there are still a lot of people there who are 1. embarrass to talk about it, do it and would never admit to doing it 2. embarrass to talk about it, do it but thought they never do it (mostly do it while they are sleeping). 3.admit into doing it but are just embarrass to talk about it. 4. not embarrass to talk about it but seldom do it ( all they do is talk about it) 5. are not embarrass to talk about it and do it for a variety of reason. I therefore conclude that everybody's masturbating; walang kokontra, ang komontra mawawalan ng kamay.hehehe..

Before i continue writing this, i'ld like to inform everybody,that I'm no Dra Margie Homes or Asia Agcaoili.I'm just a regular working wife, who just happen to believe in having a wonderful life, sex life included and that's where all of these started. Now were settled that everybody's doing it as there normal activity for different reasons but most of the time people masturbate to relieve sexual tension. To the single ladies out there,lalo na sa mga virgin pa kailangan din yon, kahit para lang ma explore nyo at ma examine yong body nyo..Imagine, hindi nyo man lang alam kung asan ba g spot nyo o ano ba yong clitoris mo, don naman sa mga may asawa/partner na, at least alam na natin na san yong erogenous zone natin, we can take the lead to our partner into it and this is tantamount to a wonderful sexual experience. gush! o di ba ang saya ng benefit.
Anyway, khuracha understand that masturbation is normal to healthy, smart, open minded, sex positive individuals. That's why we offer personal lubricants to help you achieve satisfaction in this solo or couple activity. I suggest using hypoallergenic lubricants.if you havent tried using lubricant, maybe its time you do;ll see the difference..Other people explore the use of sex toys, such as vibrators, clit stimulator and dildo to make their masturbation more pleasurable. We recommend our silicon bendable dildo, bunny stimulator & Crazy rabbit for it.
For those masturbation virgins who wanted to try it out; these are khuracha's tips to having a wonderful 1st masturbation experience. First, you have to set aside time for it. sched it kung
walang parents sa bahay, o sino mang pwedeng umistorbo sayo, dapat may peace of mind ka na hindi ka mahuhuli anytime, lock the door and close the windows, we can't take any chances, imagine the embarrassment kung mahuhuli ka baka mawalan ka na ng gana mag masturbate for life...which i doubt if its gonna happen, its too good not to try again...Second, create a pleasing ambiance or sexy atmosphere with scented candles, music, massage oils, some edible goodies such as chocolate kahit yong goya lang pede na
yon.,watch erotic videos kung nasa sala a ng dvd, may laptop ka lang katapat nyan may erotic video ka na, hindi mo na aabutin ang kahihiyan sa pagbili ng x sa quiapo o hindi mo na kailangang utusan ang maid nyong bumili sa may palengke..maraming salamat sa technology, pati sex life natin pinapadali.watching erotic videos definitely help along..pwede ring erotic pictures, picture ni piolo pascual, sam milby o john lloyd, parang mas madaling mag imagine pag local.hehehe. you can use anything that can inspire your mental fantasies; and that can also increase the satisfaction from masturbation. Finally, just be yourself, don't try to force yourself into it, open your mind about it, allow your imagination full rein to play anything you desire, relax, have a climactic fun..

Bendable dildo
Finally, I think everybody needs to know that it has been proven medically that repression of sexual urges and needs can seriously damage your physical, emotional, and psychological health. o bi ba, kaya everybody...mass..turbulation na!

Happy orgasm everyone,