Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham on a tour of LA Sex shop

Eva Longoria has taken Victoria Beckham on a tour of Los Angeles Sex shop

Eva Longoria

The Desperate Housewives' actress - who is married to basketball star Tony Parker - has been bonding with the Spice Girl over their shared passion for bedroom experimentation and has taken Victoria out to buy sex toys.

Eva Longoria

A friend of the Latina actress said: "Eva has pointed Victoria in the right direction in Hollywood - the best beauticians, the best places to go for a wax, where she can pick up sexy lingerie and where to buy sex toys. I think David will be pleasantly surprised."

Victoria Beckham

It seems Victoria - who moved Stateside with her family when her husband David signed a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team - has already been stocking up on goodies for David.

Victoria Beckham

The 33-year-old singer was recently spotted buying various massage products and a vibrating doll from a Los Angeles sex boutique.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss Universe Topless in Maxims Mag

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza topless in Maxims Mag.

Worthy Fantasy!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

more love to her = more sex to you

Ten Ways To Say " I Love You"


1.) Listen. Ask, “How is your day?” Those 4 simple words are so appreciated. It makes a girl feel like “For all the complaining I do, he still asks. He cares that much.”

2.) Read between the lines. Picking up on her tone or silence shows “I’m listening and I understand you better than anyone.” It really makes her feel validated.

3.) Say what’s on your mind. Let her know what you’re thinking or worrying about so she can learn to understand you.

4.) Share. It brings you closer to together when you have common interests. But it also helps her grow as a person to try something new you like that she’s unfamiliar with.

5.) Forgive her. Laugh off the dumb little things she does. Move past the small things that bug you because you believe your relationship is worth it.

6.) Make her laugh. It will brighten her day.

7.) Take her side. Even when she’s being a little bit petty. It shows her who your priorities lie with.

8.) Tell her when she’s wrong. She’ll appreciate that you don’t placate her. When you respect her enough to say things that aren’t easy it Makes her feel like you take your relationship seriously.

9.) Create little rituals with her, like a set time to talk each day. It makes her feel like what you have is unique and a constant.

10.) Say I love you. Every day. Nothing makes her feel more validated than waking up knowing you loved her yesterday, and you’re going to let her know that she’s loved still today, and tomorrow you will love her too.


Spice up your sex life


Try these:

1. Treat yourselves, buy some sex toys...there are a lot of sex toys that can titillate both couple, and of course there are the gender specific toys, which couples can enjoy separately. Don't forget, the objective is to have fun, fun, fun...

Miss your bj's and your partner's fellatio phobic ( when you're partner doesn't want to go down)..you may want this:

BJ simulator

Cunnilingus not your forte, try this:

clit kisser

2. Changing LOCATION...Explore other parts of the house..counter tops in the kitchen or over the dining table, in the laundry area try turning on the washing machine while your on it, it will definitely turn you on.. Inside the car, be more adventurous..if you've been passing EDSA you know the legendary traffic there, you can definitely make your historic moves inside your car. (just make sure your car is tinted)

3. MASTURBATE...Watch each other masturbate..pay attention to how/what strokes both of you like best besides its a turn on for him watching you do it.

4. WATCH PORN together..Forget you're uptight upbringing or the society's sexual norm.Try be a deviant for once and just think of what you and your partner enjoy.

5. COMMUNICATE..If you and you're partner's "XXX rating" sex life has turned into "Parental Guidance"..It's time you talk. You're sex life, most of the time is the reflection of the status of your current relationship...Communication is the key to having the best sex life, like in everything else.


In any case its always nice having lube around.
Happy orgasm everyone,

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lindsay Lohan, The Mean Girl : Fierce & Sexy

Spanish Vogue

ELLE UK Magazine

Spanish VOGUE

New York Magazine

Spanish Vogue

Lohan Gets Sex Toys For her Birthday

Lindsay Lohan was given sex toys for her birthday by Samantha Ronson.

The 'Mean Girls' actress - who turned 23 on July 2 and has had an on/off relationship with the DJ for around two years - was delighted with the satisfying gift, which Samantha hand-picked herself, according to National Enquirer magazine.
A source said: "Samantha presented her with a gift guaranteed to create lots of buzz - a big, brightly gift-wrapped basket of sex toys selected by herself. She spent hours shopping Hollywood's erotic emporiums for the items."
After giving her the present, the couple returned to Samantha's Los Angeles home to celebrate the actress' special day.
It is not the first time Lindsay's love of erotic items has been documented.
Last year, it was claimed she and Samantha often went shopping for sex toys together.
A source said: "They go to the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood late at night and pick up goodies."