Monday, November 9, 2009


By Heather Rutherford

Not only is low sex drive a frustrating circumstance, it can be damning to a relationship. When one partner constantly is rejected by the other, tensions build. When tensions are at a high, it often is the case fights will arise and the strain will persist. Low sex drive is caused by any number of problems related to psychological reserves, hormonal changes, physical health and relationship problems. While it often is difficult to assess the main cause of the problem, a well-rounded approach to treating the issue will leave both you and your partner with a big smile...

Step 1
Talk with your partner about your low libido. Often the problem is because of a disconnect in the relationship. Whether there is an unresolved issue or you have grown too comfortable with your partner, this talk might help to break down some crucial barriers.

Step 2
Reduce stress in your life by making some time for yourself. The University of California at Santa Barbara states that many times, stress and anxiety dampen sexual desire. If you cannot manage your own stress levels or are feeling depressed, it might be time to seek a counselor so you can get your sex drive back on track.

Step 3
Eat more bananas. Bananas are considered one of the best foods to boost sex drive. Not only are they full of great minerals such as calcium and potassium, they also possess traces of androgens. Androgens are male hormones. These male hormones can boost sex drive in men and women.

Step 4
Have fulfilling and enjoyable sex frequently. When engaged in sex, especially during orgasm, the body releases endorphins and dopamine. These hormones help you to feel pleasure. They also are the same hormones related to addiction. When sex releases these hormones frequently enough, you find yourself wanting sex more often as your body desires that hormone flush.

Step 5
Enter a physical competition such as a marathon or sports team. Physical activity goes a long way in boosting sexual desire. Exercise can rejuvenate you by making you feel energized and more willing to engage in sex. It also has been shown a little healthy competition boosts sex drive. Furthermore, if a person feels unattractive and out of shape, they are less likely to want to have sex. Getting in shape might be just the thing you need to regain that amorous feeling.

Step 6
Talk with your doctor about your medications. The Mayo Clinic points to many antidepressants, hormonal birth-control methods and blood pressure-lowering drugs as the cause of low sexual desire. If you are on prescription medications and want to boost your sex drive, it might be as easy as switching your medications.

Step 7
Utilize aromatherapy throughout the house. A study released by the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation reports some smells can raise sexual desire by 40 percent. To boost a man's sex drive, a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie seem to do the trick. For women, it is cucumber and candy-coated licorice smells. Place a few candles and plug-in air fresheners throughout the house for the best combination.


By Alina Bradford

If you love your sex life--yet wish the act of sex lasted a little longer--you are not alone. The National Health and Social Life Survey found that thirty percent of men orgasm within the first two minutes of sex. Many women also have this problem, though experts don't agree on the number of women affected. Thankfully, there are some things that can be done to help both men and women last longer during intercourse:

The easiest way to make sex last longer is by focusing your attention on your partner. Do things that makes her feel good. Concentrate less on yourself. Taking your mind off your own pleasure for a little while will make the act last longer than keeping your mind on the one specific goal of reaching a climax.

If you do find yourself reaching orgasm too quickly, there are several ways to stave it off. First, you can stop the sensation that is causing you to orgasm. Take a few minutes to simply kiss or give pleasure exclusively to your partner. If you don't like the idea of stopping, then try visualization. Try to think of something that doesn't stimulate you sexually for a few seconds. This will calm you down.

You can also buy desensitizing creams, such as Adam and Eve Delaying Creams and Adama and Eve Spray are applied to the genitals, and they create a numbing effect. This effect will keep you from getting aroused too quickly. You can buy these creams at brick-and-mortar or online sensual product shops such as Adam and Eve or from us

Even if the male does ejaculate early, the female can still continue to orgasm with the help of a simple, soft jelly-like ring that fits around the penis. The penis ring, like the Quick Release Erection Ring or the Erecaid Tension Band, keeps the member erect after ejaculation so that intercourse can continue. Many men find that it also delays orgasm. 

There are certain positions that men can do to help them last longer during sex. One is the body-to-body missionary position where the man lays on top of the woman. The woman and man use very little movement in this arrangement, keeping the sex slow and steady. Another position that can be used is woman-on-top. In this scenario, the woman is in control, and the man is submissive. The lack of control can keep premature ejaculations at bay while allowing both partners to enjoy the moment.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham on a tour of LA Sex shop

Eva Longoria has taken Victoria Beckham on a tour of Los Angeles Sex shop

Eva Longoria

The Desperate Housewives' actress - who is married to basketball star Tony Parker - has been bonding with the Spice Girl over their shared passion for bedroom experimentation and has taken Victoria out to buy sex toys.

Eva Longoria

A friend of the Latina actress said: "Eva has pointed Victoria in the right direction in Hollywood - the best beauticians, the best places to go for a wax, where she can pick up sexy lingerie and where to buy sex toys. I think David will be pleasantly surprised."

Victoria Beckham

It seems Victoria - who moved Stateside with her family when her husband David signed a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team - has already been stocking up on goodies for David.

Victoria Beckham

The 33-year-old singer was recently spotted buying various massage products and a vibrating doll from a Los Angeles sex boutique.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss Universe Topless in Maxims Mag

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza topless in Maxims Mag.

Worthy Fantasy!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

more love to her = more sex to you

Ten Ways To Say " I Love You"

1.) Listen. Ask, “How is your day?” Those 4 simple words are so appreciated. It makes a girl feel like “For all the complaining I do, he still asks. He cares that much.”

2.) Read between the lines. Picking up on her tone or silence shows “I’m listening and I understand you better than anyone.” It really makes her feel validated.

3.) Say what’s on your mind. Let her know what you’re thinking or worrying about so she can learn to understand you.

4.) Share. It brings you closer to together when you have common interests. But it also helps her grow as a person to try something new you like that she’s unfamiliar with.

5.) Forgive her. Laugh off the dumb little things she does. Move past the small things that bug you because you believe your relationship is worth it.

6.) Make her laugh. It will brighten her day.

7.) Take her side. Even when she’s being a little bit petty. It shows her who your priorities lie with.

8.) Tell her when she’s wrong. She’ll appreciate that you don’t placate her. When you respect her enough to say things that aren’t easy it Makes her feel like you take your relationship seriously.

9.) Create little rituals with her, like a set time to talk each day. It makes her feel like what you have is unique and a constant.

10.) Say I love you. Every day. Nothing makes her feel more validated than waking up knowing you loved her yesterday, and you’re going to let her know that she’s loved still today, and tomorrow you will love her too.


Spice up your sex life


Try these:

1. Treat yourselves, buy some sex toys...there are a lot of sex toys that can titillate both couple, and of course there are the gender specific toys, which couples can enjoy separately. Don't forget, the objective is to have fun, fun, fun...

Miss your bj's and your partner's fellatio phobic ( when you're partner doesn't want to go down) may want this:

BJ simulator

Cunnilingus not your forte, try this:

clit kisser

2. Changing LOCATION...Explore other parts of the house..counter tops in the kitchen or over the dining table, in the laundry area try turning on the washing machine while your on it, it will definitely turn you on.. Inside the car, be more adventurous..if you've been passing EDSA you know the legendary traffic there, you can definitely make your historic moves inside your car. (just make sure your car is tinted)

3. MASTURBATE...Watch each other attention to how/what strokes both of you like best besides its a turn on for him watching you do it.

4. WATCH PORN together..Forget you're uptight upbringing or the society's sexual norm.Try be a deviant for once and just think of what you and your partner enjoy.

5. COMMUNICATE..If you and you're partner's "XXX rating" sex life has turned into "Parental Guidance"..It's time you talk. You're sex life, most of the time is the reflection of the status of your current relationship...Communication is the key to having the best sex life, like in everything else.


In any case its always nice having lube around.
Happy orgasm everyone,

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lindsay Lohan, The Mean Girl : Fierce & Sexy

Spanish Vogue

ELLE UK Magazine

Spanish VOGUE

New York Magazine

Spanish Vogue

Lohan Gets Sex Toys For her Birthday

Lindsay Lohan was given sex toys for her birthday by Samantha Ronson.

The 'Mean Girls' actress - who turned 23 on July 2 and has had an on/off relationship with the DJ for around two years - was delighted with the satisfying gift, which Samantha hand-picked herself, according to National Enquirer magazine.
A source said: "Samantha presented her with a gift guaranteed to create lots of buzz - a big, brightly gift-wrapped basket of sex toys selected by herself. She spent hours shopping Hollywood's erotic emporiums for the items."
After giving her the present, the couple returned to Samantha's Los Angeles home to celebrate the actress' special day.
It is not the first time Lindsay's love of erotic items has been documented.
Last year, it was claimed she and Samantha often went shopping for sex toys together.
A source said: "They go to the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood late at night and pick up goodies."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A lot has been written about foreplay..once again, we're going to stick to the principles and learn one good technique. The principle is make your partner feel safe and comfortable such that she can have permission to feel aroused. Then you intensify her arousal and do your duty of making her feel like the Queen of the Universe.. Isn't that what all women wants to feel?

Kate Moss- Queen of the Universe

The number one foreplay technique which we recommend is massage. If you already don't know how, go take some lessons, or (just email us we'll send you some materials with regards to it) or just get a good massage and notice what you like, then do the same for her. Massage accomplishes all the key goals of foreplay: by focusing your attention fully on her and her comfort, you;re making her feel safe, comfortable and loved; you're delaying your pleasure and attending to hers, delaying your pleasures and attending to hers, setting yourself apart from all the other drooling brutes; and you're loosening up her mind and body, opening the floodgates for massive arousal.

Now there is a good massage technique and there is a great massage technique.The one you are about to learn qualifies as phenomenal technique. It's derived from Tantra Yoga, and it's called the Kama Marma Technique. In tantric tradition, kama marmas are erogenous zone to stimulate the physical body and nourish the psychic body.There are tertiary , secondary, and primary kama marmas. What you want to do is start by stimulating the secondary zones, the go to the primary and finally the tertiary zones. The effect is that of a tease, release, then super tease of newly activated tertiary erogenous zone. A suggested method is to first TOUCH, then BLOW, then LICK each part in turn. DO this right and prepare to be worshipped like the sex god that you are.

Here are the list of primary, secondary and tertiary erotic zones:

Primary Zones:

1. Lips and Labia

2. Breast, Nipples
3. Genitals

Secondary Zones:

1. Earlobes

2. Nape of neck

3. Sacrolumbar junction
4. Gluteal Fold
5. Inside of thighs - light stroke
6. Back of knees

Tertiary Zones:
1. Edge of pinkie

2. Palms of hand - circular stroke
3. Navel - clockwise stroke
4. Anus
5. Nostril
6. Ear Orifice
7. Sole of feet
8. Big toe

From: The Tao of Sexual Mastery by Dr. Alex Benzer

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Turn him on tonight


From: Sex Encyclopedia

Remember, there’s no such thing as ordinary night, we can always turn any night into that special, romantic, wonderfully unforgettable night, did I say, scorching hot and mind blowing. Yeah! that too. .All you need is yourselves plus the fun, naughty, flirty, uninhibited, imaginative, YOU.

But don’t wait until night time to get things going.. drum beat the mood early on, start by texting your husband, texting him like, “ I’m in the shower, would you like to join” anything that you think would titillate his mind.. Or give him a call, use your sexy, low, gentle voice. Lastly, creativity can get you what you want, use it.


If you’re too embarrassed to be explicit, be flirty.

My favorite, Dita Von Teese for Fredericks


Buying items that turn our husbands on can be stressful and will take some effort.

To find out what your lover might like, leave a Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog around and see which items hold your husband’s gaze longest. Or choose what most men choose when shopping alone; a garter belt-lace bra combination in bright red or black.

Salespeople say you can never go wrong with satin gown. It highlights curves, flows beautifully, and catches the light. Plus, ambiguous combination of vampiness and elegance is a real turn on for men.

But if you’re the one of those practical stay home wife, just avoid wearing shorts or pants during those nights, you can cut your long dress short that will do… But please if you want to improve your sex life, throw that “duster” in your closet and never wear one again.



Prepare something light for your husband so your husband will have more energy in the bedroom. You don’t want him to be stuffed. Stay away from meat, and heavy sauces, cheese and dessert, load up on leafy vegetables, spices and fruits especially grapes, oranges. Indulge in Strawberry in chocolate or bake a salmon fillet in vanilla sauce and a glass of wine. By the way, keep honey available.. Or if you want to subscribe to the Uragon’s ( people from bicol) secret, they say it's all in the siling labuyo. Go try it out.


First, don’t buy pink bulb. The rose coloring actually makes you look pink. What you want is an amber tint, like get at sunset. ; 60-watt amber bulb in your bedside lamp gives you that radiance. Or if your overhead fixture is hooked to dimmer, put amber bulbs in it. Dimmed light diffuses, so avoid the unflattering ghoul-like look. If you must use white bulb, make them low wattage ( no more than 30 watts) and let light reflect off your bed by using white sheets or tossing a white throw over it. A woman lying on white linens and lit overhead by a soft light looks great because the fabric reflects and fills in any harsh shadows.


Pick a perfume that reflects the image you want to project that night. If, for example, you want to play the earthy girl-next-door, try a clean fragrance like Navy or Body Shop’s White Musk. Feeling vampy? Pick obsession or another scent with a little spice. Want something in between like the girl-next-door with a run in her stocking? As for musk, let your mate take a sample whiff before you squirt it on for your anniversary. It’s a love or hate thing.


Or shall I say, massage your way to orgasm…First, create a soothing mood. Play a soft music, turn down the lights, unplug the phone, turn off the cellphone.

Once you’ve set the scene, go slowly. Have your husband lie on his stomach, and either kneel beside him or straddle him across his lower back. Start the massage if you don’t know exactly how to massage just try touching, caressing, stroking, lingering over his body, just maintain contact with his skin. It’s better if you use oil or lotion. See where your strokes may bring you.


Two words: Barry White. If you want to get into the groove, nothing is more persuave than the molasses-sweet smoothness of soul’s greatest love doctor, though Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, and Luther Vandross are all close second.

Why do these men stir the hearts and lions of listeners? They sound like they’re in love when they’re singing about it. They can do the seducing for you. Choosing the male vocalist also lets your husband project himself on to loverman persona. When they listen to Marvin Gaye, they become the smooth soul-daddy lover, even if in real life they’re geeky, uptight IT man. But if you want an alternative, you can always play the Erotic Lounge, this will certainly inspire you go on fire.


The idea is to look like your making love. The slower the better. To help you put in the mood, our suggestion if about putting on music something that sets the scene for intimacy. As for clothes, body doll dress is good, or your husband’s shirt something you can flip up and flirt with that will come off easily. Make up should be minimal and soft. A little powder on the shoulder or blush between the breast is fine, nto the time for foundation on the neck. You want to be clean and touchable. But don’t let him touch at least at first. Keeping a flirtatious distance, you want to dance ( shake your hips, thrust your pelvis) as you play peekaboo with your clothes. Slowly lift your shirt or dress, then drop it. Undo the button, And another.. Feel daring? You can fling the dress and keep dancing in your bra and panties..

( To the daring: Remember the careless whisper dance of Katrina & Hayden, try doing your own version but with a sexy shoes on.)

For the timid who would rather not shimmy, all you really need to worry about is an easy sway and eye contact. Really look at your husband . Your face will draw him in more than any other part of your body.

* For couples with babies and kids around, you might want to go to a motel/hotel if you want that uninterrupted bliss.


“ Heterosexual men who receive oral sex are happier with their sex lives and with their

relationships in general.” - ( Schwartz and Blumstein) Ladies, men love blowjobs but be careful of teething puppies, they bite a bit.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


PASSION KILLERS by Dr. Carole Pasahow

** Avoiding sexual contact ( the longer you’re away from sex, the harder it is to reconnect.)

** Not treating one another in a loving manner outside the bedroom.

** Not caring about physical appearance.

** Not protecting your sexual relationship from INTRUSION.

** Bringing up non-sexual business during a sexual encounter.

** Communicating in attacking or critical manner.

** Not willing to try out new technique and intercourse position.

** Not paying attention to what truly pleases your partner and stimulating parts of their body that are turn offs.

** Learn how to touch and talk to your partner during sexual play in order to their desire and arousal.

** Not willing to communicate and mesh different sexual styles.