Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Rabbit vs The bullet


Doc Johnson Pearl Rabbit VS Bullet Vibrator

What will you choose, small and powerful or big and super powerful..Who am i kidding, its like comparing Philippines with the US or some other industrialized countries..but of course, bullet like the Philippines has its own charm. You see, the bullet can be compared to a lady's first love, until she meet her one true love, the pearl rabbit. Of course, the bullet is advisable for first time sex toy users.It can be everybody's first love for that matter.It's handy, affordable and it will give you one hell of a first time experience.

Anybody whose been into sex toys will tell you that the Doc Johnson pearl rabbit will be the runaway winner,given the choice; you just google, Oprah rabbit vibrator, there you'll see even Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Talk Show in the US, one of the wealthiest & most powerful female person in the world; hailed this rabbit as the Royce Rolls of the vibrators.Even Eva Longaria from the Desperate Housewives,one of the hottest celebrities in the US today, said in an interview that she gives rabbit as gift to her female friends.And I think she's right,when she said that, the best gift you can give your friend is an orgasm..Nothing can beat that.I wish my few close female friends can be as thoughful as she is.Just kidding, but jokes are half meant, right?

It's late night, i have to decide fast, rabbit or bullet...

Happy Orgasm Everyone,


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